Digital futures and the role of social media

this paper is about the Identification and critique of current social media platforms and how they are used to support an applied project or client’s brief.
– topic sentence/thesis statement / why it is an important topic / what the essay will discuss
Body paragraph:
– Social media history: Web 2.0 / when did the internet start / how has social media changed

words that should be in the essay :
– Social media now – /affordances / tethering / addiction / anxiety / individualism / networked individualism / culture of distraction / culture of narcissm

– Digital futures – internet of things / AR / immersive social media / AI – UAE context

– Conclusion : bring your ideas together and make your final points. Is there anything you are worrying about for the next generation?

– References – APA

NOTE: Attached is a rubric for the essay it shows what is expected from the student