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reply 1:Organizational Assessment

I have been offered a leadership position at a big hospital. However, before I accept this offer, I would like to conduct an organizational assessment. Organizational assessment is the process in which a leader assesses a company in different areas before making a significant decision, such as accepting a job from a specific company (Roussel, 2022). The decision process includes creating the main research question for the company; the second is finding evidence. The third one is the quality and validity of the data. The next one is utilizing this data and presenting it as evidence. Lastly, utilizing the evidence to decide on the organization. In addition, I will be assessing the following areas before my final decision about the job. These areas include shared governance, the culture of the organization, and the safety of patient care.


Shared Governance

          Shared governance is the leading strategy healthcare professionals utilize to develop their operational practices (Kanninen et al., 2019).  Appropriate shared governance should result in a better work environment where nurses and providers can share autonomy. I will assess the shared governance in this facility by interviewing staff, sitting down in meetings, and reading policies and procedures. I will obtain a better understanding of the organization’s idea flow, which happens mainly with providers and nurses.

Culture of the Organization

An organizations culture is how people are trained to perceive, react, and understand situations within the organization (Thomas, 2022). I would like to see workers communicate their concerns about problems they feel put in danger of the organizations environment. I will assess the culture of the organizations by sitting in meetings and creating anonymous surveys to talk about the behaviors of staff and procedures.

Safety of Patient Care

Patient care safety involves reporting any mishaps, accidents, and mistakes that could potentially harm a person. It is very efficient when staff reports anything that they see as a potential risk. Patient safety involves major safety policies, guidelines, and practices (Hwang, 2019). I will place safety surveys for patients and staff. These surveys will be completely anonymous to ensure staff honesty and trust. In Psalms 9:1 (King James Bible, 1969/2017) states, I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvelous works. In this verse, we can understand how the Lord can help us achieve a higher patient safety standard if we trust him.

have recently been offered a leadership position in at a hospital. Before I accept this position I have requested to conduct an organizational assessment. Present times characterized by complexity, chaos, and increasing technology challenge traditional leadership practices and call for a new paradigm of leadership. (Dearmon, V. 2017) An organizational assessment is a planned systematic review of an organizations processes, work environment, and organizational structure. (Organizational Assessments 2018) The three areas that I plan on assessing are shared governance, culture of the organization, and safety of patient care. 1 Corinthians 14:40, ESV states, But all things should be done decently and in order. God expects us to do certain things in certain ways. In health care the goal is to provide care and keep the patients safe. The processes that we use to provide good quality care should be done in a decent manner that results in safety amongst patients as well as health care personnel.

Shared Governance

            Shared governance is a structured model of empowerment gleaned from organizational development experts. (Thomas, P. L. 2017) This has helped health care clinicians as well as their partners to both be able to have a say so in the decision-making process. By observing how the clinical staff and partners interact by sitting in on huddle meetings, floor meetings, as well as department meetings is how I intend to assess the state of shared governance.

Culture of the Organization

            Organizational culture is recognized as a critical link in understanding how organizations can change and learn. (Thomas, P. L. 2017) I will assess the culture of the organization by looking at the policies and procedures and paying closer attention to the newer polices and asking feedback from the staff on their feeling about the newer policies that have been implemented. I will also pay attention to how receptive the staff is of change as well as learning new things.

Safety of Patient Care

            Safety of patient care is a topic that deserves a lot of insight on in health care. This is making sure that the polices and procedures in place within the organization help ensure the safety of the patients. The main thing I would like to see functioning in this hospital facility is how far are the staff willing to go to ensure patient safety? Are they willing to go with their gut and question something that they are concerned about? I would be able to assess the safety of patient care by being able to receive a report on patients and then observe how the staff cares for them. Do they make sure the bed is in the lowest position and that the call bell is in reach? Do they make sure that bed or chair alarms are set? If they are concerned with the way a patient walks or transports, do they ask for help to prevent falls?