current issue response Sex and Gender

The purpose of this paper is to explore current issues in todays society that relate to this weeks content.  Choose any topic from chapter 9 that relates to a current event (an important event that has occurred within the last 5 years).  Discuss the topic in terms of todays culture.  Write 1-2 pages and cite your sources. 

Please refer back to the Statement on Ethnocentrism, and keep it in mind as you write your paper. 

Example topics:

What are the current statistics on the gender wage pay gap?  Discuss why this gap exists and what can we do to address this issue. 
Discuss how the International Olympic Committee should address athletes who identify as intersex or transgender using specific examples. 
Discuss a third gender identity that originates in another country.  What problems does this group of people face? 
Your instructor may be able to provide more examples.  If you are uncertain about your topic choice, ask your instructor for approval. 

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