Cultural Observation Assignment

The cultural dimensions of a womens ministry include the age, background, race, vocation, and interests of the women in your church. Effective leaders need a heart of love and genuine care to understand women from other cultures, and it starts with prayer and building relationships. This assignment will further equip you to minister to the women in your current and future ministries.
Review the articles, Five Factors Changing Women’s Relationship with Churches and Three Steps toward Racial Solidarity. (see attachments)

Follow these guidelines to complete this assignment:
Reference Book:  “Building A Effective Women’s Ministry by Shawn Jaynes

Write 1-2 pages as a Cultural Observation Assignment to address the following questions:
Describe the demographic of the women in church and sphere of influence.
How can you effectively minister and strategically pray for your current ministry? (2 paragraphs)
Is there a specific demographic of women that you are called and/or passionate about ministering to (i.e. teenagers/youth ministry, single moms, college/young professionals, multigenerational ministry, international missions, etc.)?
Why do you feel drawn to them? How can you prepare for your future ministry? (2-3 paragraphs)

APA format is required, however, as an observation assignment no citations or references are expected.