You are to research a certain cultural practice, culture or group of people that you find interesting, and/or want to learn more APA formatting. This research paper will include a MINIMUM of 2 references in addition to the link below: (THIS MUST BE USED AT LEAST ONCE)

Be sure to include a references page. You may not use Wikipedia.

This paper should be interesting and fun to write. It should NOT be a burden. You will look at a particular culture or cultural practice, i.e. Arabs, Indians, African Americans, Foot Binding, Funeral Rituals of a particular culture, etc. and develop ideas asking yourself: WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE information.  Who are the people of this culture, what are some interesting facts about this group of people, where are the majority of them located across the world ,etc. Dont limit yourself to these ideas. You can take this paper to endless directions.

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