critical infrastructure protection resiliency plan topic

In this unit, you will select the infrastructure that will be the focus of your Unit VII Final Project, and you will begin to plan for a
critical infrastructure protection (CIP) assessment in order to create a resiliency plan of that infrastructure.
For the final project due in Unit VII, you will fully analyze the components listed below. In this units assignment, you need
only to briefly address each of the concepts below.

Identify a specific critical infrastructure. Examples would be a nuclear plant (e.g., Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station),
a utility system (e.g., Duke Energy), or a critical network (e.g., Metro New York 9-1-1 system or Amtrak), to name a few.
Determine the sector with which the infrastructure is associated and why CIP efforts are needed.

You are encouraged to choose a local infrastructure with which you are familiar or have a personal or professional vested interest in to gain the most benefit from this assignment. Choosing an infrastructure with complex factors and a broad public impact will give you greater opportunity to apply knowledge learned in this
course. Choosing a smaller or limited infrastructure (e.g., your local shopping mall) is not recommended.

Briefly identify any known or expected threats (natural, technological, and manmade events or disasters) that could
impact the selected critical infrastructure and would require specific resiliency plan actions.

Identify any resources you might use that can meet the following criteria:
assist in developing a threat assessment for the critical infrastructure, and identify strategies to implement for safer facilities and networks.

Your topic selection must be a minimum of two pages in length. You may present the information as a written paper or
outline, as long as you are able to fully express your selection and satisfy the requirements above. APA formatting is not
required for this assignment