Coronavirus Impact Essay

The impact of the Coronavirus upon our nation and world is unprecedented. Financial experts say the impact will be more devastating than the recession of 2007 – 2012 or the economic crisis following 9-11. This crisis does however, offer us a unique opportunity to examine it as a Sociologist might. Your assignment then is as follows: Drawing heavily from Chapter 1 in your text, analyze this crisis from two of the three major sociological perspectives:
1) The Functionalist Perspective (MacroSociology)
2) The Conflict Perspective (MacroSociology)
3) The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective (MicroSociology)    Your paper must be three full pages, double spaced and twelve font. Again, you will need to review these perspectives from Chapter 1 in your text to adequately complete this assignment. This will be worth one hundred points and will be due by 11:59 PM on Thursday April 15.
Watching any of the major news outlets such as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, WALL ST. JOURNAL, etc. will assist you greatly in this essay as they report about the impact of the Coronavirus from many perspectives. For example, as you compose your essay, think how this pandemic has altered our economy –
1) from massive layoffs in the restaurant and hospitality industry
2) to travel restrictions and layoffs in the airline industry
3) the historic plunge in the stock market, etc.
4) Consider also the great debates that have occurred this summer about if and how schools can re-open safely and if government can mandate its citizens wear masks.
5) Think also about the fact that certain kinds of people appear more vulnerable to the virus than others. Many have argued that while COVID-19 did not create inequality in America, it has certainly exposed the great gaps in wealth and opportunities between the haves and have-nots.
6) Consider the impact of the virus to our health care workers  – doctors and nurses working with shortages of PPE personal protective equipment).
7) Consider the impact of “social distancing” and how this has altered the way we interact with each other. How has increased time in our homes altered our daily lives ?
8) Consider also: the pandemic has led to hiring surges from companies like mazon:  Home deliveries have soared:  State agencies have hired thousands more workers to process a tidal wave of unemployment claims.   
The grading rubric for this assignment is as follows:
– 50 points for the correct application of two sociological perspectives
– 25 points for accurate spelling and grammar
– 10 points for minimum length ( three pages)
– 15 points for proper format = twelve font, double spaced and a paragraph for each of the sociological perspectives

Do not make sample super fancy please, It is a sociology 101 course.

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