Compare and contrast African American culture and Hispanic/Latino culture

Select two of the following cultures:

Hispanic and Latino American
American Indian and Alaskan Native
African American
Asian American
European and Mediterranean American
Conduct research on health programs that have been implemented for members of the cultures you selected. Summarize the literature and write about the cultural history, traditions, most common beliefs, causes of illnesses unique to their heritage, approaches to healing, best practices, views of death and dying, and barriers to health care. Compare and contrast the selected cultures and propose a plan to mitigate disparities in care and bridge the health care gap.

The 5-page (minimum) paper should include:

Submit a written paper that clearly and concisely answers the question(s) in the assignment. You should include a(n):

Cover page (not included in page count) with a running header, course name and section, professors name, and your name.
Introduction, section headers, conclusion, and references.
Minimum of five (5) external references.
Works cited page (not included in page count).
Your work should:

Be written professionally, be grammatically correct, and cited appropriately.
Reflect a logical process, flow, transitions, structure, and appropriate content.
Cohesively, clearly, and comprehensively explain ethical issues relating to healthcare today.
Have proper paragraph development, transitions, and academic tone.
General Guidelines:

Avoid use of I, you, we
12-point Times New Roman
1-in margins
Left aligned
Double spaced 1-inch margins
Spell words out first time used
Use complete sentences in the active voice
Do not use contractions
Use APA, MLA, or other acceptable college level format

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