Compare and Contrast 3 Hosting Companies (Website Development)

identify three website hosting companies you would like to learn more about. Compare the features of the three hosting companies in a table. Include at least five features of each hosting company. Some examples of features include:
Amount of space given
Number of email addresses
Number of domains hosted on one account
Contract restrictions
Templates or scripts available
Shopping cart or other add-ons
Write a summary below your table that identifies which of the three hosting companies you think is the best option and why.
Identify a content manager and a website development application. List three advantages and three disadvantages of each approach to website development. Summarize your research, describing which tool you prefer and why.
Research current trends in website development to include ways developers try to attract an audience and ensure fresh content. You will demonstrate effective strategies to find and document this research in a discussion of your findings. Following APA citation guidelines, you will ensure your discussion demonstrates the following:
Effective use of paraphrasing
Using the information in ways that are true to the original context
Understanding of information in research material that is common knowledge versus information that is copyrighted requiring proper citation
Ability to apply ethical reasoning to the use of published, confidential, and/or proprietary information.

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