Community Health Needs Assessment

Please be sure to review the related course materials prior to starting this assignment. Each person will select an actual community health needs assessment (CHNA), published by a hospital, to complete this assignment. A list is provided below, but you may also research and select a hospital not included on the list. 

Read through the document and create a report of 500-750 words describing your findings. The following points are presented to guide your report.

How did the hospital define the community served? Do you have any thoughts on their definition? Is it reasonable? Can you think of alternative methods?
How did the hospital assess the health needs of the community served? What sources of data? What indicators? Was there a comparison? Do you think they were comprehensive enough? What methods were used?
How did the hospital solicit input from persons in the community? Did they have special knowledge or expertise in public health? Did they use a survey? Focus groups? Both? Do you think their methodology was valid? Representative? Comprehensive?
How did the hospital prioritize health needs? Was this methodology reasonable? Do you agree with the conclusions?
Did the hospital identify potential measures and resources to address the needs?