Your posts in response to others posts should be 125-175 words long

1. Phones are a great example to represent consumer culture as some people purchase the newest model when it comes out. I bought my iPhone XR two years ago from the Apple store (although I always feel the need to purchase the newest one, Ive made a promise not to until my current phone no longer works). I use it to call, text, check emails and social media (for entertainment, school, and work), complete assignments (for school, work, and clubs), to navigate, purchase items (clothes, food, etc.), make appointments, search on the web, take notes, and use the utilities (e.g., calculator, calendar, flashlight). To me, it could represent food as one of the items I cant leave home without and carry around with me. However, I could go without it for a few days and make due by utilizing the library or borrowing someones phone, but it would be a major inconvenience. Since one of the major usage of my phone is for social media, I post stories and message friends on Instagram and Snapchat to maintain communication with friends and show the fun aspects of my life (e.g. going to a cute restaurant, eating good food, showing a beautiful scenery). I minimize how much I use it to show my achievements as I dont want people to think Im arrogant. I chose to purchase an iPhone over its competitors mainly because I can connect it to my Macs iCloud and have the same information on both devices in real time. In addition, the phone is easy to navigate and pairs with Airpods. The brand is also reliable and offers great customer support.

2. One consumer object that is significant to me, especially during these times would have to be my computer. My computer is a MacBook Air and I was able to acquire it when I was a junior in order to prepare for college, by paying for half and letting my parents pay for the other half. I think that my computer serves many practical purposes including being able to do work, search the internet, go to class, do homework, online shopping, etc. I would never think that my computer would have a symbolic representation to me, but because of COVID and quarantine, I feel that it represents my life, but when I used it in high school it definitely had the “rich” or “well off” kind of stereotype which I never understood. It was also popular to add stickers to the cover but then those people were then deemed as “basic”. I remember those who brought a computer to school that wasn’t a MacBook or those who used the school-provided computers would get looks, whispers, or jokes which I thought was stupid because it still performed what a computer was supposed to do. But my computer is practically what I use every day, even more so than my phone, in order to communicate with others, go to school and get things done. I feel that my life before the quarantine day is now on a computer screen. My computer helps me communicate aspects of my identity to others through my stickers or talking to people over platforms. They can also see some of the things I like or a piece of my identity through my stickers which include a lot of Santa Cruz, Harry Styles (lol), pride, dog, and nature stickers. I want people to think of me as approachable or be able to get a first impression through those, but through the platforms, I want people to be able to get to know me as if it were on campus or real life. I chose to purchase this type of computer over others because I thought that it was most suitable for me. My family and I have always been Apple users, I grew up in a household with Apple items, so deciding on a specific computer wasn’t a difficult decision and I’m completely happy with it!

For this assignment,  you just need to comment on both of the paragraphs from two students(125 words each)

I have two examples
For the first one: Hi Christine! I can definitely relate to giving into the iPhone consumer culture. My first phone when I was in middle school was a Samsung Galaxy S. However, when that one stopped working and it was time for me to get a new one, I begged my parents to let me have an iPhone. As I reflect back on that decision, I realize that I only wanted an iPhone because it was a popular and accepted brand. In a way, it was also a status symbol. There has always been an iPhone versus Android debate in social media, and it was even more apparent in middle school. Nowadays, people would likely not get made fun of for owning an Android, but Apple’s dominance in the market is a great example of consumer culture.

For the second one:I think my Macbook plays a huge role in my life, both personally, academically and honestly all aspects of my life. I feel like I have so much info and data stored up in here such as memories of pictures, videos and other practical uses such as using Zoom or Notes, etc. I like that you added the fact that you put stickers onto your laptop because my laptop is filled with a variety of things I enjoy such as the brand Glossier, the show We Bare Bears and small In-N-Out stickers. If I were to be sitting out in public with stickers, I think it communicates some aspects of my identity to people and would also be a cool conversation starter. I also am an all Apple products person with an iPhone and Airpods. Although Apple products are slightly overrated and people dissing people with “green bubble” texts, I don’t think anything is wrong with other brands of electronics but it’s just what I’m used to and what I’m most comfortable with.

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