CERER “Let No One Stop You”

Please follow the “Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CERER) Graphic Organizer & Sentence Starters”  attachment that I have posted on here

*** I will attach a file of a teachers example

Instructions to provide for the paragraph:
the format would be
– claim
– evidence quote from the passage
– reasoning
– another evidence quote from the passage that ties back to the claim
– and lastly another reasoning


******CERER: How did artist and author Ashley Bryan show determination in the
face of discrimination? Use 2 pieces of evidence from the text to support
your response.*****

CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS: Please make sure your response includes the following:
Develop an analysis of the text(s).
Include a TAG + Summary Phrase
Include a valid Claim + Rationale
Include valid Evidence from the text that supports the Claim
Integrate Evidence + Cite Correctly
Include a Reasoning of minimum 5 sentences: Expand on Evidence and Make Connections back to the Claim
Include a transition word between Reasoning#1 and Evidence #2
Use Academic Language, Complete Sentences, Correct Punctuation, and Spelling.
Use MLA format
Need Additional Help? Click for Graphic Organizer + Sentence Starters

Part 2 : a short summary of the article and one connection . I have provided a file link down below of it.