Case Study – Production Management

You are an intern at a manufacturing facility. Your boss, the production manager, has seen consumer surveys supporting drone delivery of small packages. She thinks there may be an opportunity for the company to begin manufacturing package delivery drones. She would like your help in preparing a judgmental forecast.

The production manager has a list of 200 leaders of package delivery companies and large online retailers that could purchase drones. Your assignment is below.

  • Develop      a 10-question survey using . You will find some help      on the Survey Monkey website with developing survey questions.      Theoretically, you would be asked to send the survey to the 200 leaders,      and their responses would help create a forecast of the potential for      entering the business of manufacturing package delivery drones. (Do not      actually send your survey to any business leaders.)
  • Write      a two-page business report to the production manager. Start by providing      the link to the survey you created. Then, explain in detail why you      included the questions you did and how they will help with the forecast.      Suggest at least two other sources of opinions that can also contribute to      the forecast.

Be creative as far as the format of the report is concerned; however, make certain to include a title page and reference page in addition to your two pages of content. Use at least one outside source and make certain that your references are formatted in APA style.

Note: The scenario in this case study has been developed for this course and is not a real situation.