Case Analysis

At minimum there should be two (but there can be more) references: the course textbook and one additional source.

Historic Lesson/Case Analyses Assignment #2

All students review the video regarding the U.S. healthcare system found here:

The submission should include these components:

Introduction/Synopsis of the video
This is a great point to inserted related facts from other credible sources and might not have been said in the video.
Remember to cite appropriately! Note Wikipedia is not a reliable source.
The grader will be looking for additional references beyond the course textbook and the provided link.
Overlay the topic with a concept from the course textbook
Discuss two topics from the course textbook that you feel can (or do) best help to improve the U.S. health system. Be sure to use citations to credit the course textbook. Help strengthen the writing by including the exact chapter in which the concept is discussed.
Personal impact
Without revealing any personal/private information regarding your health, discuss which portion of the U.S. health system negatively impacts you the most. How do you feel this can be fixed?