Carribbean literature


INSTRUCTIONS: Write a Research Paper in response to the prompt given. Your paper must reflect your reading and application of credible critical/scholarly sources. The Paper must reflect correct use of in-text citation, and must contain a works cited page with no less than THREE scholarly sources. Remember to add  citation entries for textbook material used, and follow MLA standards. Paper LIMIT: 5-7 pages. This assignment requires a formal paper heading and a formal paper title.

PROMPT: Selecting EITHER Poetry OR Narrative, do research on a TOPIC or THEME related to an author/poet and on the related text we have read in this course. Limit your choice of texts to 3 poems OR 1 novel. Your research has two aspects to it: Focus on the writer AND focus on a significant aspect of his/her work. Included in your research must be the following material:

Highlight significant contextual information about the writer’s life as a Caribbean poet or novelist.
Highlight ways in which the scholars and critics have arrived at engaging readings of your selected author and text (Literature Review).
Examine the Topic/Theme to show how it is seen or represented in the text you are discussing.

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