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Do not use big words and long complicated sentences please. Only around 175-200 words.  Heres an example of my writing: Former president and CEOand now executive chairmanHoward Schultz describes the Starbucks Experience in his book Onward as our purpose and reason for being. But in 2007, as the company grew larger, he felt that the experience was somehow fading. Schultz noticed that he didnt smell the coffee in stores anymor. He made a strategic move to close all 7,100 stores in February 2008 for a three-hour training session. The company took a step back and slowed expansion, improved its coffee making, and reintroduced the sights, smells, and design elements that had once defined the brand.

The Starbucks Rewards program gathers a huge amount of data on customer spending and preferences. This means that Starbucks is able to personalize the experience for each and every customer based on their unique preferences and spending habits. The AI mines the data to suggest new food or drink choices and even goes so far as to customize recommendations according to the time of day.

Research scientific discoveries to determine the importance of references and to understand how advances in science and technology are impacting our lives


Think about scientific discoveries that are of interest to you. Consider astronomy, medicine, climate change, environmental science, etc. Here you will have the chance to:
Search online for current news articles on recent scientific discoveries

Choose the topic/article that interests you most and read your selected article carefully.
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Respond to the following in your post:
What was your article about? Be as specific as possible.
What interested you about the topic?
Did the author provide references and supporting facts in this article, or were you expected to just accept the findings without support? Provide examples from the article to support your stance.
Does the inclusion of sources and references in a scientific article help you accept the findings or argument present? Why or why not?