biological psychology – disorder of choice

2000 words- not counting ref list
Title: “Contribution of biological psychology to the study of behaviour, emotions and cognition in [insert your chosen disorder without the brackets]

Assignment guidance:
You should consider the following when preparing for your assignment:
You can choose ANY disorder; you can also choose a special population group (e.g. musicians, athletes, etc.). The choice is yours, just make sure it is not so obscure there is no available literature on it. 

The aim:
The aim of the essay is to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of different concepts of biological psychology. you will cover them one by one in your essay.

After a brief (one paragraph) introduction to your chosen disorder, you need to critically evaluate how the following aspects of BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY are affected in your chosen disorder:

1.    Motivation (for example, do sexual desires, eating, wanting/liking etc. change when people suffer from this disorder? How?)
2.    Emotion and stress (What do we know about changes in emotions or stress levels in this disorder?)
3.    Sleep (which sleep patterns are affected in your chosen disorder? How? Why do they think sleep patterns change in this disorder? How is it treated?)
4.    Learning, memory and perception (again, do these change if people suffer from the disorder you’ve chosen to investigate?)
5.    Neurotransmitters and brain areas (which brain areas and neurotransmitters are usually affected in your chosen disorder?)
You need to cover ALL FIVE (5) AREAS in your essay.

Important tip: The most common way of losing marks is by focusing on the disorder itself rather than the title: How did Biological Psychology contribute to our understanding of, say for example, sleep in depression? What are the implications of the research? Any limitations, suggestions for future studies, contradicting results, future treatment venues, etc. etc.? Rather than digging out 200 articles on the disorder, critically evaluate the importance of the key studies and how they inform us about the contribution of Biological Psychology.
still, please reference decent amount of articles 

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