Asthma Case Study

These are the instructions:

-To complete this assessment it is advised that you choose a case study and detail this within an appendix within your assignment. You will then be able to refer to this within your paper, but utilize your word count more efficiently to analyze the case management. When formulating your paper you need to critically analyze all aspects of case management by using high quality literature to underpin your assignment. You need to evidence your knowledge on your chosen topic, and evidence coherence of theory in practice.

-At least 2,500 words

On successful completion of the paper I need to demonstrate my ability to:

-Recognize key aspects of professional knowledge and competence in asthma management that promotes logical decision making in normal, complex and unpredictable contexts.
-To reflect on and critically evaluate your own professional role in understanding and facilitating self-management of the person with asthma.

The professor said I need to work on:
-Integrating literature more effectively into my work.

-Paraphrase and relate my discussion to my actual patient.

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