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Anthropology was created in the 19th century to assist in the colonization of the world by the West. In the west there was an industrial revolution where because of technology, agriculture increased, creating increased populations that were no longer needed on the farm, they moved to the cities for industry and that is where sociology was created to study people in the cities working. For other people, they went abroad to help with colonization. The anthropologists researched the indigenous people and provided the colonizer with an understanding of the culture and society of people around the world in a very scientific methodological way.
In what way do people learn about their values, the rules of society etc…? Who were these people who started anthropology and what views did they have of the people they studied? “Cultural particularism”, “Historical particularism”  these words mean that these modern anthropologists wanted to study them in the context of their culture. They wanted to respect them and to understand them and ultimately to do comparative work looking at a variety of societies. The founding fathers of anthropology created a discipline that was holistic and wanted to understand the people in their culture.
Franz Boas and most of the American anthropologist believed in studying all aspects of culture. Malinowski,  Mauss  and others believed like Durkheim that societies were like organisms with all the different parts working together. 
So, what did you find interesting about how these anthropologists studied people and their societies? What about their ethics and philosophy in doing what they did?

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