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For both the IDs and essay, you must incorporate material from readings, film clips, and documentaries by quoting that material and providing specific examples. For citing, you can simply do a parenthetical citation, for example: (Trumbo, pg 14)

All eligible sources are attached below as PDF and links

Identifications for Exam: Chose only FOUR of the following eight identifications then, Answer the following in one double spaced page for each ID. for each ID write one page. So total 4 pages for this part:

For each identification, there are three components: 1. be sure to answer the who, what, when, where, and how questions (identification), 2. the why questions (historical significance/analysis), and 3. you should also make connections to other IDs other the four you originally used (showing clear integration of the attached material). Be sure to include IDs in the essay part as well. Do not draw extra material from Wikipedia or other online sources (unless its very brief factual information). It’s important that you answer the question directly and straightforwardly being as clear as possible. 

The Versailles Treaty        One Metallica        tomb of the unknown soldier
Major Whittlesey        flu pandemic            Over There (song)   
Belleau Wood            Vera Brittain            Henry Johnson        
Ernst Junger            Nationalism            Life and Nothing But

Answer the following Questions. After the 4 pages for the Identifications, use the remaining 4-5 pages to address this part. (if you are under four pages its unlikely you have answered all parts of the questionyou can go over the five pages if you want) You should provide specific examples from the readings, and films. You should provide an introduction with a clear overall argument and conclusion.

These are the questions:

1. What are the physical, mental, and political consequences (both intended and unintended) of WWI as seen in lecture, discussed in class, and represented in the literature you have read and films you have viewed? In considering this question, be sure to also address why the United States entered WWI and how the United States mobilized at home and abroad to help win the war. Be sure to also discuss not only the effects of the war on those fighting but also on those serving close by and those on the Homefront.

For the whole assignment, be straightforward and direct. Only use examples from readings and films provided. Make connections throughout when mentioned. You must use and quote Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo showing clear understanding of the book.

Links that can be used: