Any topic (writer’s choice)

The goal of these two reviews is to help you become more familiar with library resources and with the types of articles you are likely to find in psychology journals. This week’s articles are all about behavioral interventions.
The review should have 2 parts: 
SUMMARY: Writing the summary
The review should begin with an introduction of the article. Next, you should concisely summarize the article. Consider answering the following questions when writing the summary: (1) What is the major research question addressed by the authors?, (2) Are the authors testing a particular theory or hypothesis? If so, describe the theory., (3) Who were the participants?, (4) How was the research conducted? (In your own words, describe the research methods involved in the study), (5) What were the results?, (6) Were the authors hypotheses supported? (You will typically find this in the Discussion section of the article), (7) Did the authors mention any limitations to the study, and (8) Did the authors describe any future research as a result of the current findings?
The summary should be around 2 pages in length.

REFLECTION: Tie in the article with your future career in education
The final portion of the review should include evaluative comments about the study. Consider addressing these questions in this portion of the review: How applicable was the study conducted? For example, how will the studys findings be relevant in your future career as an educator?
The reflection should be at least half a page

Review Format 
Papers should be typed, double-spaced, and follow APA writing format. However, you do not need to include section headings (i.e. abstract, introduction, methods, discussion). In-text citations and citations to other articles are not necessary. Please see the two examples I have provided for you to guide your work. These examples are not perfect, but they did receive high scores.
Papers should be at least 3 FULL pages in length. At the top of the paper, include the citation (in APA format) for the journal article you are reviewing.