Any topic (writer’s choice)

You have been hired as the new security manager for a newly designated critical infrastructure (CI) site. Choose 1 of the following sectors to be your place of employment for this assignment:

Food and agriculture
Banking and finance
National monuments and icons
Emergency services
Postal and shipping
Health care and public health

Create a fictitious name for your company, or use an actual company for the purposes of this and other assignments in this course. At the onset of this assignment, specify your new place of employment.

The employees at your new place of employment have very little understanding of technological solutions for security concerns. Draft an article for the company newsletter explaining your views on technology and its role in society. Include the following in the article:

Define technology.
Explain how science, technology, and invention define civilization.
Address how society embraces technology, and whether or not you think this comes at a cost.
Now that you have explained your views on technology, you have decided to brief your newly designated sites employees on their place in CI protection. Create a PowerPoint presentation for your employees describing the network architecture of critical infrastructure (CI) and homeland security (HLS) that are specific to your site. Include the following in your presentation:

85% of critical infrastructure is owned by industry. How does this affect the mission of HLS?
Explain why your site has vulnerabilities to terrorism.
Address security concerns of your industry.
Explain the governments cautions about intervention.

Support your arguments with authoritative sources, and apply appropriate APA formatting guidelines.