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In 400-500 words (include word count) you will thoroughly answer one of the discussion prompts provided for the week.
In order to gain full points for your post, you need to:

1.Cite specific examples or quotes from at least 3 different readings from the week; include appropriate in-text citations (author last name and page number/timestamp)
2.Cite specific examples or quotes from at least 1 lecture from the week; include appropriate in-text citations (last name and timestamp)
3.In your own words, define one of the key terms I list on the discussion board for the week. Please UNDERLINE it so your peer reviewers can evaluate your definition.

Suggested keywords to define **please UNDERLINE in your post
solidarity, praxis, communities of care, mutual aid, feminist consciousness, justice, feminist killjoy, “theory” (as discussed by bell hooks), culture of domination, love ethic

bell hooks argues in “Love as the Practice of Freedom” that A culture of domination is anti-love. It requires violence to sustain itself. To choose love is to go against the prevailing values of the culture.” (3) Can you think of some examples of how American culture might be anti-love in the sense that bell hooks is suggesting? How do you think American cultural beliefs about violence as discussed in prior lectures relates to the US’s cultural beliefs about love? How does our culture decide who “deserves” things like love, care, etc.? (tip: consider for example how different people in this country react to the idea of universal housing)

class slides you will need: