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Module 2 Mirrors and Windows
In advancing equity, we often use a mirrors and windows metaphor to describe the stories we develop to reflect our identities, perspectives, and culture. Mirrors reflect things that are familiar to us while windows validate our ideas about ourselves and the world.The preceding video described the mirrors and windows metaphor. You will remember that stories that reflect your own culture and help you build your identity are referred to as mirrors. On the other hand, stories that offer you a view into someone elses experience or perspectives are referred to as windows.

When applying this metaphor to human relationship development, we find that mirrors validate our perspectives about the world and windows help us expand our worldview.

Think about the different identities with which you associate as compared to the identities of your colleagues, students, or others with whom you interact regularly. Select one of the identities listed here, and answer all of the questions below with that one identity in mind.

Gender or Gender Identity
Language of Preference
Sexual Orientation

1-How do you identify yourself?
Describe how you got this identification. Who taught it to you? Where and when did you become aware of this identity? (50 words)

2-Select someone in your life. What are some identities of this person that serve as mirrors for you? Describe how they connect to your own lived experiences. (50-100 words)

3-Now, think about some identities of this person that serve as windows for you. What might you learn or seek to learn about these lived experiences that are different from your own? (50-100 words)

4How did it feel to think about your identity connected to the identities of others? (50 words)-

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