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The significance of nurse managers and leaders in reengineering health care cannot be overestimated. As a leader, you play a vital part in advancing and keeping the healthcare system in motion. Nurse managers and leaders contribute in many ways to the reengineering of health care. One of these ways is by being advocates for both patients and other nurses on their team; ensuring their staff feels supported and that patients are receiving the quality care they deserve. They make sure the working environment is calm and functions smoothly to improve outcomes and satisfaction rates. Nurse leaders and managers make sure patients are being educated on their disease processes to aid them in making decisions that will best benefit their health. They are responsible for making sure the mission and vision of the organization are being met and that theyre aimed to meet the needs of the community being served. The nurse leaders also seek opportunities in which they can improve the diversity among healthcare workers, develop a diverse staff, as well as develop cultural competency among the staff, and encourage a diverse culture that is knowledgeable about providing care to an equally diverse population aids in achieving health care equality. (Helbig, 2018) Nurse leaders must also recognize the importance of implementing evidence-based practices and evaluating their effectiveness in relation to patient outcomes and safety, as an emphasis on safety and evidence-based decision making, discourages innovation and risk-taking. The nurse leader must do whats right and not what is easy, considering the organizations mission and vision when making difficult decisions, and placing the patient first. (Helbig, 2018).

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