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Offering spiritual care to patients with different worldviews from my own can be a very daunting task. However, I possess some strengths which enable me to handle patients with professionalism. For example, I am an open-minded individual. I will always listen to other people, and adopt any positive new ideas that they may push on me. It is sometimes fascinating to listen to other peoples worldviews and know what they believe in, whereas benchmarking with your beliefs. For example, listening to an Islamic narrate their worldview, whereas I am a Christian, can be fascinating. Islamic believe in Allah, and Christians in God. No matter whom one believes in, both supernatural can offer healing to ailing patients, and that is what is important. However, despite my strengths, I have a weakness of trying to convert patients to my worldviews. I have found myself preaching and even asking the patient whether they would like to convert to Christianity in many instances. This should not be the case, as the patients right to autonomy should be respected. Sometimes when the patient has the last say, I feel bad and discouraged.

Assuming that I am the patient and am currently in a difficult situation, I would like to have the final say. Firstly, patients right to autonomy should be respected. If the patient to believes in a supernatural that is different from the nurses, that should be respected. In fact, according to Baldacchino (2017), the patients worldview should be given the biggest priority, as they will need their supernatural to heal them in times of need. Being that the patient is the one who is suffering, the nurse should not try to have the final say, as it might even worsen the patients condition. Based on an article by Spiritual Care Association (2020), nurses should always exercise tolerance and prudence as they try to give spiritual care to patients. Therefore, the patient should always have the final say, because it will be in line with the ethical considerations set.

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