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Persuasive essay about the selection series/ conclusion must include call to action

Imagine being a normal eighteen year old girl one day and the next day being part of a competition to marry a prince. In The Selection Series, this happens to the main character, America Singer. The Selection Series is a series of five-dystopian and romance novels for young adults by Kiera Cass. The Selection Series is great to read because it teaches life lessons, has a good plot that draws the reader in, and has a futuristic setting.
    The Selection Series has a theme of giving unusual things a chance can have good outcomes. America Singer at first refused to be a part of this competition, but after careful consideration and being talked to by family, she decides to give it a chance. America ends up having the outcome she originally hated but then she loved.
    A good plot that draws the reader in is always a key part of any successful novel. All books in this series include that. The plot builds tension and suspense that makes the reader want to keep reading to learn what happened. Each novel ends on a cliffhanger that makes the reader want to read the next. Multiple events happen in each novel that build suspense and draw the reader in more. The character constantly have an event going on that causes drama and builds the tension. Many teenage girls can relate to this, drawing them in even more.
    The setting is 300 years from now in Illea which was present day North America. The first novel starts in Americas home state of Carolina where she was a five based on the caste system. This setting is exceptionally realistic. Being in the future, this novel makes the reader question what the future could and will turn into into. The reader can get a different perspective on what life is like for different types of people.
    After reading The Selection Series, the reader gains life lessons,

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