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When answering the attached open-ended, short answer questions think specifically about what you gained as a student of public health by working with a community needs assessment, your experience engaging with mixed methods data, any challenges you faced and how this multi-part project has added to your understanding of public and global health.

1. Now that you have engaged with / analyzed data from a real community needs assessment, please reflect on the value of involving communities in needs assessments before identifying, prioritizing and addressing health challenges facing a community. Why do we conduct needs assessments in public/global health? Why is it important to involve community members in needs assessments?
2. Please reflect on the mixed methods nature of this community needs assessment. Do you believe conducting mixed methods research (as opposed to conducting only quantitative or qualitative research alone) brings added value to public / global health research? Why or why not?
3. Please reflect on the 5 different parts tasks that made up the Global Health Success Project .Parts:
1. Quantitative analysis
2. Qualitative analysis
3. Role (malaria expert) perspective analysis
4. Intervention Development component
5. Role and intervention analysis
a. Think of a GHSP assignment or task that you found particularly engaging or useful in understanding more about what it means to actually work in the field of global health. Why or how was this assignment engaging or useful in understanding global health?
b. Was there an aspect of the GHSP you did not find useful to you as a student of public/global health? If you could improve this project in future, what recommendations or suggestions would you have ?

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