Any topic (writer’s choice)

There are 2 parts of this assigment:

All the readings i will upload, all the videos I will post the link above

Part 1; With specific references to the material, ANSWER below questions. (1 page)

With specific references to the video, how does the focus of this course differ from standard narratives of post-Mao China since 1976?  For instance, what topics have we covered that the documentary does not?  And vice-versa: what does the documentary cover that we have spent less time on?  Think about these different ways to study (and teach) history.

(Must have specific references to the video)

Part 2: Key words (find 3 Key words in the materials I upload and answer following question) (1page)

1) Why those three Keywords?

2) How do you define those terms?

3) How do they help us understand the topics and history covered that week and in the course to date?

Much like learning a new language, as your command of Keywords deepens and grows, so does your ability to address the BQs of this course. How do they help us understand the topics and history covered this week and, perhaps, relate to the rest of the course up until now?

Part 3: Please write 2 respones relate to the pictures i upload (half page a respone, total 2 respones 1page)

1) Add specific evidence from the assigned readings/videos to SUPPORT one answer of a classmate with additional EVIDENCE;

2) Challenge (politely!) the answer of someone else with your own, different answer to the BQ.

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