Any topic (writer’s choice)

The background of the assingment is hospitality industry in Ontario,Canada.

Outline why employees may consider joining a union.
Considering the 5 Pillars of Total Rewards (Compensation, Benefits, Work/Life Balance, Recognition and Professional Development), choose 1.
Explain how this one pillar and with 2 examples would best keep your employees content and minimize the ability of a union organizer to form a union in the Events industry. 

Introduction. Why should the reader care about this topic? Why is this relevant?
In 200 to 300 words, explain the 1 concept/pillar in Total Rewards.
Give 2 examples under this concept to support your argument. 
Conclusion. Summary of your argument.
References are strongly suggested and can make your argument stronger. So consider using ONE to hook your audience in the introduction; 2 or 3 for why employees join a union, 2 or 3 to outline your Total Rewards pillar, at least 1 for each of your examples.

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