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Question: How was Southern Africa affected by the Cold War? Explain one way Southern Africa (Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Zaire, Namibia) was impacted. First, read the secondary source article “The Cold War and Southern Africa” by Chris Saunders Cold War in Africa_Saunders.pdf  download and then a series of short primary sources dealing with the Cold War in Africa Cold War in Africa Primary Sources  download .

Basic requirements:

1. Answer the question in one paragraph (c. 5 sentences).

2. Use at least one of the primary sources as proof in your answer.  Include a quote from the primary source and citation.

3. In order to place the primary source in context, read and use the secondary source as background. Cite it but no need to quote.

4. Look at the rubric provided to get a better idea of how it will be graded.

5. Edit your work.

*See Intro Module for Document Analysis assistance and an example.  And the syllabus for info on the writing center at MCC which can help edit your work.

Please note: the assignments for Module 9 and 10 are due on the same day – April 16th. Because the course is shortened, this week has to have two assignments in order to match the traditional course that starts on Jan 25th. Fortunately, both Module 9 and 10 have similar topics – contemporary events. Again, there are two document analysis assignments due this week.


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