Any topic (writer’s choice)


1. Topic: Pick a thesis and verify you can find enough data to research the topic and prove or
disprove the thesis. Finding the thesis is wrong (Disproving the thesis) is still a Project.

2. Write a full 6-page (max 10-pages) research paper: the 6-pages includes the supporting graphs.
Note: supporting data will be placed in an Appendix and does NOT count as pages written.
Word document, typed, 12-font, Arial, full justified, double spaced, 0.75-inch margins and
stapled. References will follow the same format as the IEEE article format a modified Chicago
style. Modified in that there are no footnotes on the bottom of each page, collect all quoted
references in a section at end of the paper. In addition, sources researched but not quoted from
are to be in a section after references called sources.

NOTE: references and sources do not count as pages written.

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