Any topic (writer’s choice)

Knowledge Questions
    Answer all parts of each question
    Use your own words and give examples wherever possible
    The quality of your answer is more important than how long it is
Question 1
Provide a detailed description of at least three technologies you can use to manage your time effectively, including scheduling, prioritising and monitoring the progress of tasks.

Question 2
Provide a detailed description of at least three techniques you can use to plan your time and prioritise work tasks.

Question 3
Provide a detailed explanation of the methods that you could use to obtain, analyse and interpret feedback in order to accurately evaluate your own performance and determine your professional development needs.

Question 4
Give three examples of different development activities that will satisfy your identified development needs.

Question 5
Reflect on a time when you undertook some professional development and comment on the skills and knowledge that you gained, whether you grew in confidence, and whether you subsequently became more competent in this area.

Question 6
Explain the strategies that you use to cope with work pressures.

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