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Instructions: Download the provided Word document and carefully follow all instructions both in the Word document.

Lab website:

Submission: Upload your Word document, or you may also save and upload your work as a PDF file. Any appropriate sketches, diagrams, etc. may be pasted into the Word document or uploaded as a separate image file.

NOTE:  Question 8  asks you to use the simulator to  recreate Earth’s current age in the simulator.  To receive credit for the lab, in addition to your written answer, you must include a screenshot of the simulator with at this age.  Be sure the timeline can be seen at the bottom of the screenshot.  Pease upload the screenshot with your final lab submission. 

**Please note that all answers must represent your own work and be in your own words.  Please be aware the we regularly monitor sites such as Course Hero and Quizlet; copying from these sites or any other source constitutes plagiarism and is against APUS policy.  It will result in an automatic score of “zero” for the assignment and will be reported to the University.

Rubric: Your score will be based on the following rubric. If you are having difficulty, don’t leave a section blank…ask questions! You may post questions in the Lab Q&A forum (in which case your classmates and/or the instructor can respond, and the answer will benefit the whole class), or directly in a message to the instructor.


Circumstellar zones:  10 points

Exploring Other Systems: 20 points

Time Evolution of Circumstellar Habitable zones: 20 points

Tidal Locking: 20 points

Summary: 10 points

Galactic Habitable Zones: 20 points

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