On the home page, go to “Health Information”. From there, go to “Acupuncture” on “Topics A-Z” and then “Acupuncture: An Introduction. Please read the brief information. Then scroll down on the same page or use the top bar > “Audio, Videos. You may have to put the title in the search bar and you will see a 2 minute 57 second video on “What happens during Acupuncture?” (You Tube). Please watch this short video. Please read acupuncture: An Introduction. You may have to enter it in the website search box within the NIH site. Look around the site as there are also other videos.

On the discussion board answer the following questions:

List one acupuncture benefit and one illness  you feel may benefit from acupuncture and why.

List two illnesses or segments of the population that acupuncture is contraindicated.

How did watching the videos and reading the information make an impact on you?

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