3 movies

The Full Story,  https://vimeo.com/359864626
Sacrilege, https://vimeo.com/97656534. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Meshes of the Afternoon, directed by Maya Deren

Think about the experimental nature of the films and how those elements engage you with the stories and experiences. What are the different ways we experience these films? How are the stories shown and told to the viewer? What is effective? Pay close attention to how sound is used? How were you engaged and how were you not engaged? How does this way of telling stories expand the film and video medium? Think metaphorically and symbolically. What do the metaphors and symbols mean to you?

Post 1:  reply to the above guidelines,

3-5 sentences, summarize the film as if you are describing it to someone who has not seen it. Do not give a blow-by-blow report, but convey the main story, characters, and theme(s) in your own words.

In 3-5 sentences, give your personal critique* of the film you may focus on any elements you wish. Be specific dont just say I liked the acting or It was boring tell why you liked the acting and give specific examples, etc

Post 2: our third post should be a question of your own about the film. What confused you? Was there a scene you want to know more about from your classmates? Ask your classmates what they thought of a particular scene, sound score, editing technique. Make sure your question includes your insight and isnt completely open-ended.

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