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Focusing International Growth Through Strategic Partnerships

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International, Leadership, Management

Entry Modes, Globalization, Strategic Management

ParkMyClouds (PMC) focus over the next few years is growth. While opportunity in the United States market may be PMCs focus for the next 510 years, investing to meet needs abroad could provide stability for the future by minimizing sole reliance on the US market. This means investments in partnerships, technology, and internal resources.

How should PMC approach international markets to support growth?

Be sure to answer the following questions in your report:

  1. Should      PMC go narrow or broad when it comes to international expansion? Explain      your stance.
  2. In      what areas of the business will PMC need to make investments? Why?
  3. How      should these investments be prioritized?
  4. What      plans does PMC already have for investment?
  5. How      should PMC plan to enter specific countries or regions?
  6. Why      should PMC focus on the areas you suggest now? Explain.

Your paper should be 12 pages long (not including Title and reference pages) and conform to APA format.

Include at least 8 scholarly references in addition to the course textbook and required or recommended reading.

Articles and Summaries that can be used:

Robert Azuayi. (2016). Internationalization strategies for global companies: A case study of Arla Foods, Denmark. International journal of accounting and marketing. 

Brian Abner. (2015). 4 considerations before taking your business international

Douglas Quackenbos, Richard Ettenson, Martin S. Roth and Seigyoung Auh. (2016). Does your company have what it takes to go global?

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